SkyHarrierAlphaCode Prototype

Ninjainatux proudly presents, the first public playable prototype of SkyHarrier, The game we showed at the Sumo Digital “beer and games” night. Sky Harrier is inspired by classic games such as Space Harrier and After Burner.


Any and all feedback is very welcome, you can reach me at the email shown above or on twitter @Blunt_Games

Cardboard Arcade

A day of craft with the kids and Cardboard Arcade was born. Using an Amazon box, Windows Tablet and a cheapo Hori fight stick from Cex. One half of the box houses the fight stick while the other half features a tablet sized slit in the side, a cardboard bezel to hold the screen in place and cardboard bump stops for the alignment.

Ducking Around

New game Duck! Duck! Duck! for android. I actually released this game a while ago and then realised I hadn’t updated the website in a while. The game is completely free, no ads or upfront payment. Enjoy. Blunt

New Ship

We have been silent for a while now as we worked hard on the back-end of SkyHarrier. We didn’t have much to show you as most of the recent changes have been to the code base and how the game works, that is until now! Ninja in a Tux would like to present you with a small graphical update for the SkyHarrier Aircraft.

The game is taking much longer than we had initially planned for, as is game development in general, but we do hope to release SkyHarrier to the general public by Q2 2018. In the meantime you can sign up to our mailing list to gain access to early private demo builds.


LD40 Diving

Finally after some much needed sleep I’m ready to rate and play some games. But before I do that let me tell you about my little entry into the jam. The game doesn’t really have a title, but it is listed as “Diving For Ludum”. I created the game with my friend Joe who had never made a game before nor entered into anything as awesome as LD. I myself have survived a hand full of ludum jams (first was LD22), I use the momentum from the jam to rejuvenate my motivation for my longer active projects and LD40 has done just that, what a great jam, well done all those that managed to finish.

In Diving for Ludum you must collect booty from the ocean and deposit your stash on the boat to score points. The more booty you have the slower you move, avoid sea beast, ride bubble streams and risk it all for the big rewards.

Gamepad Recommended. Windows version is better than Web.

Riverside Event

We recently attended the Riverside Gaming Event hosted by Sumo Digital, A local event showcasing the local Sheffield Gamedev scene and a jolly good excuse to get drunk. Both Ellie and I attended with an early build of our game SkyHarrier. Here’s a couple of pictures.

Insiders Program

We have started a new insiders program (exclusive mailing list) that offers exclusive, non public, early access to our upcoming games and more. You will be able to play games as they develop, provide feedback and possibly even influence the game design. We currently have three games in development…
Sky Harrier (working title)
Sky Harrier’s art and gameplay is an amalgamation of the arcade mega hit “Space Harrier” by SEGA and “Race the Sun” by Flippfly.

BoomTown Empires (working title)
BoomTown Empires is a hybrid strategy builder – clicker – card game with visual novel and social management elements.

Project Red (working title)
Project Red is a hand painted action adventure game inspired by iconic titles such as “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus” by Team ICO / SIE Japan Studio on PlayStation 2.

The insiders program will also give you access to giveaways, discounts and exclusive events. You can sign up to the insiders program below and best of all, it’s completely FREE!


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Sky Harrier

Ninja In A Tux is pleased to announce: Sky Harrier: Alpha Code / スカイ ハリアー: アルファ コード  (Sukai Hariā: Arufa kōdo), a game which takes inspiration from games like Space Harrier and Race the Sun and blends them to form a unique arcade experience.

Check out some early screenshots, this is not the final product so please keep that in mind. More news and playable demo coming soon.

BoomTown Art Style Locked In

After nearly four months toying with different art styles we have finally locked in the art style for Boom Town Empires city layouts. The new style not only looks pretty but also has a more concise pipeline, meaning it can be produced quicker. That can only be a good thing as we are over four months behind schedule and the game’s scope has increased.

Project Red (pictured above) has been shelved while Boom Town takes front seat in an aim to prepare the game for our first ever crowd funding campaign. We shall hopefully have a playable demo by early September and launch the crowd funding campaign by late September.

Also slightly delayed is the planned DLC for Drones, The Human Condition, which will arrive mid August. The DLC is in two parts and add a soundtrack, remixer pack and extend the ARG some clever gamers may have discovered.

To finish off, here are some of the other failed art styles we explored.

Until next time….