Drones major update

Drones, The Human Condition has been updated. The update includes a new mainframe style cheat console that will grant you access to features like godmode, unlimited credits and unlimited smartbombs, but you will have to first find the console, which takes form of an exe that is hidden within the secrets of the main game. DTHC_Game_2016_07_08_13_16_23_833

The price has also been dropped from $5 to a mere $3!

Experimenting with Rotoscoping

Since Drones, The Human Condition is nearing full release I have been experimenting with different ideas for the next game. One of these ideas was set in a beautiful 2D world, so with this in mind I set out to capture some of the natural beauties found in my garden. I will save the finer details of the actual process for another day, but in short, the art concept was to take real photographs and use a rotoscoping technique to create game ready assets. I used GIMP to clean the photographs and Inkscape to create the rotoscoped assets.


Here is a little sneak peek of the asset above in a game scene.
Runner_2016_07_11_11_24_36_929More info on this project in the coming months, after I have finished Drones.