SkyHarrierAlphaCode Prototype

Ninjainatux proudly presents, the first public playable prototype of SkyHarrier, The game we showed at the Sumo Digital “beer and games” night. Sky Harrier is inspired by classic games such as Space Harrier and After Burner.


Any and all feedback is very welcome, you can reach me at the email shown above or on twitter @Blunt_Games

Cardboard Arcade

A day of craft with the kids and Cardboard Arcade was born. Using an Amazon box, Windows Tablet and a cheapo Hori fight stick from Cex. One half of the box houses the fight stick while the other half features a tablet sized slit in the side, a cardboard bezel to hold the screen in place and cardboard bump stops for the alignment.

Ducking Around

New game Duck! Duck! Duck! for android. I actually released this game a while ago and then realised I hadn’t updated the website in a while. The game is completely free, no ads or upfront payment. Enjoy. Blunt