Lowdown Racer Updated


Lowdown Racer has been updated for android devices and is still 100% free, no ads.

Lowdown Racer is the latest is top down racing technology for your android smart phone. Exotic sports cars, open road, endless racing fun. You will feel like you’re flying as you hit speeds of up to 350kph, dodge traffic and police cars. Prove you’ve got what it takes to be king of the road. With a real road like feeling, crash simulation and addictive gameplay, if you like racing games Lowdown Racer is an “insta” download.


DTHC New Release


DTHC (Drones, The Human Condition) has just had a massive update and been uploaded to itch.io, this will be the final beta release! I will be testing the Linux and Mac builds in the coming weeks and will also update the trailers. If you have previously bought DTHC, you can grab the new build via the email itch.io sent you after purchase, Any problems please contact me. The price of DTHC was so dropped from $5 to a mere $3, there will also be a giveaway or two with a few YouTubers and groups, so keep your eye out for those.


If you haven’y already voted for DTHC on Steam Greenlight, Please do so today HERE! Remember to share this on social media 🙂

Drones heading to Greenlight, 80% off

Like true Ninjas, things have been a bit quiet round here recently while we’ve been hard at work updating Drones: The Human Condition ready for release and uploaded onto Steam Greenlight. After nearly 2 years in development, Drones is nearing final release for the DRM free version, we have set the date for mid may 2016.  Following the release in May, if Drones is successful on Steam Greenlight we will start work on a Steamworks build featuring all the goodies one would expect from a Steam release: trading cards, achievements and friend highscores. To celebrate the current state of Drones: The Human Condition and its imminent explosion onto Greenlight, we are offering the game at a massive 80% off!


Drones is a chaotic twin stick, top down shoot’um up, set in a futuristic Orwellian dystopia, with adrenaline-pumping electronic music, 13 stunning hand designed levels of glitchy insanity and hoards of intelligent robots to blast to pieces.

You can save Humanity!

In 2084, Cloud 9, the world Government body, perfects armed AI Drones, a cloud controlled advanced robot species created from biomechanical material traded with alien races who influence power on earth. Guided by their infallible logic, the drones conclude: “The Human Race is draining the earth resources and therefore must be imprisoned and destroyed.”

– Non-stop, adrenaline-pumping electronic music.

– Intense action, battling a mechanical army of robots.

– 13 levels of chaotic destruction in detailed, ever changing arenas.

– Multiple power-ups scattered throughout each level. offering more powerful weaponry, as waves of never ending drones continue to attack.

– The perfect blend of incredible fast gameplay. Lightning paced action and banging phenomenal soundtrack.

– Bring on the destruction!


Drones is coming, follow the development here..


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