Blunt Game New Logo

The Banner under which I develop video games “Blunt Games” now has a new logo. It has been 6 years since the last logo was designed and it has been in use ever since. Here is the old logo…


And here is the shiny new one…


I am really liking the new logo, not back for a days work, and by day I mean a full day.. cough 10am to 3pm 🙂


DTHC New Release


DTHC (Drones, The Human Condition) has just had a massive update and been uploaded to, this will be the final beta release! I will be testing the Linux and Mac builds in the coming weeks and will also update the trailers. If you have previously bought DTHC, you can grab the new build via the email sent you after purchase, Any problems please contact me. The price of DTHC was so dropped from $5 to a mere $3, there will also be a giveaway or two with a few YouTubers and groups, so keep your eye out for those.


If you haven’y already voted for DTHC on Steam Greenlight, Please do so today HERE! Remember to share this on social media 🙂

Fun with GameDev and my 3yr old


So the summer break has just started and my lovely energetic son is home nearly everyday for 7 weeks. He is always asking about my work, so I thought I would show him the basics. It didn’t last long before he was bored and wanted to play Lego marvel super heroes instead, but hey, here’s hoping this is the start of something else we can share together.


Drones major update

Drones, The Human Condition has been updated. The update includes a new mainframe style cheat console that will grant you access to features like godmode, unlimited credits and unlimited smartbombs, but you will have to first find the console, which takes form of an exe that is hidden within the secrets of the main game. DTHC_Game_2016_07_08_13_16_23_833

The price has also been dropped from $5 to a mere $3!

Experimenting with Rotoscoping

Since Drones, The Human Condition is nearing full release I have been experimenting with different ideas for the next game. One of these ideas was set in a beautiful 2D world, so with this in mind I set out to capture some of the natural beauties found in my garden. I will save the finer details of the actual process for another day, but in short, the art concept was to take real photographs and use a rotoscoping technique to create game ready assets. I used GIMP to clean the photographs and Inkscape to create the rotoscoped assets.


Here is a little sneak peek of the asset above in a game scene.
Runner_2016_07_11_11_24_36_929More info on this project in the coming months, after I have finished Drones.

March Round Up

This is the first of my monthly round ups where I will recap on the month. March has been a very busy month as “Drones, The Human Condition” launched on Steam Greenlight. I have been concentrating on spreading the word about Drones, marketing is not my strong point and it feels quite dirty to keep spamming social media with Drones links, but needs must. I created a video trailer, banner ads and audio samples embedded with secret messages. I posted the material on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Steam. Analyzing the traffic Steam leads with Facebook taking second and Twitter making up the top 3. This is not really a surprise when you consider that when someone clicks your Greenlight link on social media they then have to sign in to Steam via a browser and maybe have to go through the Steam Guard system. In contrast if someone clicks your link on Steam they are already signed in. This seems problematic in the sense that your initial marketing audience is your friends, but my friends have been a god send and very appreciated support in spreading the word.

Marketing on Steam seems a lot like a tug of war, fighting between people you reach with your campaign and groups of Steam trolls who set out just to down vote Greenlight games. These trolls usually only have one or two games on their accounts (usually “CSGO“) and under one year membership, so I feel safe in saying these guys are not my target audience, but it is a real pain in the ass when you ease off your marketing to work on the game as these groups have a real negative effect on numbers. Being a one man team, finding the balance between game development, marketing and parenting is “Dark Souls” hard, but I completed “Brothers: A tale of two sons” with one hand and my chin, so I feel confident I can pull the numbers back, finish the game on time and enjoy the warming weather with the family.

The stats for March: (I will gather more stats next month)
Twitter Followers: 382
YouTube Subscribers: 7
Facebook Group Members: 78
Drones Greenlight Top 100: 15%

I have also been making a big push on the Drones to do list, you can view it here Trello. But here are a few screenshots and audio samples.

Time is precious so I will wrap this up here. Until next time 🙂